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 ConfigurationRKH user configurations
 Related to RKH portConfiguration options related to RKH port
 Related to FrameworkMiscellanueos and related with Framework (FWK)
 Related to state machine applicationsConfiguration options related to active objects (SMA)
 Related to state machineConfiguration options related to state machine behaviors
 Related to trace facilityConfiguration options related to trace facility (TRC)
 Related to event queue moduleConfiguration options related to queue facility (QUE)
 Related to fixed-sized memory block facilityConfiguration options related to fixed-sized memory block (MP)
 Related to software timer facilityConfiguration options related to software timer facility (TMR)
 TraceSophisticated tracing mechanism in run-time
 Traces of memory pool servicesMacros for tracing the memory pool execution
 Traces of event queue servicesMacros for tracing the event queue execution
 Traces of active objectsMacros for tracing the active object execution
 Traces of state machineMacros for tracing the state machine execution
 Traces of timer servicesMacros for tracing the timer execution
 Traces of miscellaneous frameworkMacros for tracing the framework execution
 Native schedulerNative, cooperative, simple and non-preemtive scheduler
 TestUnit tests
 UTrazerUnit test for uTrazer module
 State machine test group
 Execution action test group
 Expect test group
 Ignore test group
 State MachineUnit test for state machine module
 Transition test group
 Pseudostate test group
 Transition test group (wout Ut)
 Polymorphism test group
 Initial pseudostate test group
 SMAUnit test for sma module
 Active object (SMA) test group
 TraceUnit test for trace module
 Tool for test filter group
 Runtime filter test group
 Trace record test group
 API Reference ManualProvides a reference to RKH services
 State machines
 Active objects
 Active objectsRelated to underlying OS/RTOS
 HooksThe hook functions allows to bsp/port developer to extend the functionality of the framework
 TraceRelated to manage a trace session with Trazer application. See the Tracing tool section for more information
 AssertionsSpecifies the assertion macros.
 Definition library
 Manager of fixed-sized memory block
 Event queues